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Blue Knight Implicated In Slayings

Friday, October 14, 1983
Special to the Astro City Rocket

ASTRO CITY — Several dead bodies were found early this morning in an alley in the Chesler neighborhood by an Astro City police patrol car answering a silent alarm in the area.

Witnesses to the incident claim to have identified the killer as The Blue Knight. "I seen him. He looked right at me and I could see his skull under that helmet and everything," said Lou Richland, a squatter in the abandoned warehouse adjacent to the alley.

Mr. Richland's statement was corroborated by 15 young children found hiding at the back of the alley. They claim that the Blue Knight jumped down from one of the roofs and saved them. One claimed to have seen his eyes, while others claimed to have seen a glowing skull wearing a police riot helmet.

The police would not comment as to the Blue Knight's possible participation. The Blue Knight is believed by some to be the ghost of officer Michael Stone, slain along with the rest of his precinct in a massive mob operation. Feeding this speculation is the widely-reported fact that Stone's body remains missing to this day, though a statue at the site lists his name along with others.

"His body was there," police spokesmen have said in the past. "He's dead. He's no ghost. Take that kind of thing to Shadow Hill where it belongs."

The children, ages 8-12, were transported to Astro City Municipal Hospital. No names have been released, but a hospital spokesman believes that several match descriptions of children reported missing over the last six months. Efforts continue to identify the children and locate their families.

Lt. Avram Miller of Narcotics states that it has become popular for drug cartels to use children as runners, keeping them in a state close to slavery. He also states that they were very lucky to get the children into safe custody before it became too late.

Three of the bodies have been identified as Vincent Lobianco, owner of Pro City Packaging Company, his brother-in-law Joey DiStefano, and Marco "Rocky" Morretti, part-owner of the Astro City Athletic Club. The names of the other 2 bodies were withheld, pending notification of the families.

No statements have been released stating that the deaths were drug or mob related, but both Mr. Lobianco and Mr. Morretti have been involved in organized crime investigations, though no conclusive evidence had been found and all charges were dropped.

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