Honor Guard Defends Washington DC from the Toymaker and His Diabolical Toys

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Event Summary[edit]

  * Honor Guard members defend the Senate and other historical Washington DC sites from an attack of powerful and destructive toys.
  • Beautie is not yet, but is about to be, a member of Honor Guard.
  • Late Spring or early Summer (six months+ after Beautie rescues Heiress Joanie Wheaton)
Date Event Type Issue Page:Panel Page Source Priority
1970/0?/?? flashback Astro City: Beautie 18:2 comixology normal
Astro City: Beautie/Events
Event Element Element Type Element SubType
Honor Guard Character Hero
Beautie Character
Toymaker Character
Toymaker's Toy Arsenal
Starfighter Character
Hummingbird (Original) Character
N-Forcer Character
Mirage Character
Cleopatra (Original) Character Hero
Leopardman Character
Master Toybox Controls

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