Hummingbird (Amanda Hammacher)

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Hummingbird (Amanda Hammacher)
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Status: Active
Real Name: Amanda Hammacher
Earliest Appearance: 2008
Affiliation: Honor Guard

Personal Data

Relationships: Barbara Hammacher - The Original Hummingbird (mother)
Date of Birth: mid to late 1980s


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Beautie #1

Astro City #17, 25, 26, 27

Event Timeline


Hummingbird (Amanda Hammacher)

"I grew up in Milford, Ohio. A town so nice, it could have been a sitcom set. Along with mom, we checked in with Honor Guard a lot. All the female members were my aunts. I remember them the most. They were the first to show me what it felt like to fly..."
-- Amanda, the New Hummingbird


Honor Guard headquarters was her "extra" home, the team members her extended family. She hung out there often, training mainly, developing her skills and powers as she grew. She was involved in several missions, tests perhaps, including aiding the team in repelling a Torori invasion attempt. She was a solid second generation super-hero and when the invitation to join Honor Guard was offered, she jumped at the opportunity.


Her powers are genetic in origin, forming from her mother, the original Hummingbird, and her father, Deven. Beyond the genetics, the powers sourced from magic. Old, mostly beneficial magic, but there is a malevolent portion as well. Deep, dark, and twisted, in nature. As Amanda grows, the powers and the magic within her continues to mature as well.

  • Most of her powers are blessings from the gods of Khapak Iqun, a hidden city in Peru. A partial list includes great spirit, grace, strength, a keen mind, luck, and curiosity.
  • Her most obvious power is flight, a gift and a curse bestowed upon her by the dark god Jabaja. This is the bad magic, and according to family friend and fighting companion, Tabitha Gray, it may eventually transform her into a bird, although the blessings she received from the other gods appear to be retarding that process.
  • She appears to have the power to project some form of energy blast, which she calls a "Hypersonic Hum"


  • Hummingbird can not endure the vacuum of space without a helmet.
  • She has a special appreciation for an annual event called Red Cake Day

Issues of Interest[edit]

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