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Status: Unknown
Earliest Appearance: 1976
Base of Operations: Chicago

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #2, 3, 4

Event Timeline



A top Pyramid assassin, Jitterjack the Divided Man, was formed by fusing the halves of two men together. The process made him crazy, but also multiplied his speed, strength and senses. He even has two hearts, though needing only one to function to (barely) survive.

Jitterjack was brought to Astro City at the Deacon's behest, to provide muscle for Joey Platypus's mob during the 1977 Gang War.


Jitterjack was highly proficient in wiping out the rival mobs, killing and decimating the foot soldiers for most of the other gangs. During the climax of it he did battle with Black Velvet, who was on her way to confront the Deacon. She appeared to have bested him, but was unaware of his two hearts. He mortally wounded her, but he had extensive injuries himself. The time traveling Silver Agent made sure he got medical treatment, but his final fate was unknown, if he survived and/or ever escaped from his madness.