Joey Platypus

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Joey Platypus
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Status: Deceased
Real Name: Josef Andros Platapopoulous
Earliest Appearance: 1964
Affiliation: leader of the Platypus Mob.
Base of Operations: Chesler

Personal Data

Aliases: The Platypus, Platypus Joe, Joe the Platypus, Joey Platypus
Date of Birth: 6/29/1937


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #1, 2, 3, 4

Event Timeline


An Astro City mob leader of the 1970s of the Platypus Mob.


Excerpt from an Astro City Police Department file:

Real Name: Josef Andros Platapopoulous

Aliases: The Platypus, Platypus Joe, Joe the Platypus, Joey Platypus

DOB: 6/29/1937

Born with physical anomalies that made him deformed and ugly, Platapopoulous had an early life filled with abuse and humiliation. Derisively nicknamed "The Platypus" at an early age, he determined to have his revenge on those that mocked him by making his childhood nickname into a name to be respected and feared.

Spending time in the Australian Outback, Platapopoulous claims to have had "dreamtime" visions that gave him mastery over other men, and mystic insights into the ways of power, but there is little or no evidence of this. Even his accent comes and goes.

Platypus controlled the mob activity in the Chesler neighborhood from his Down Under Club, with his top lieutenant Deke McManus. In late 1976, the other other mob bosses had started pushing into his territory and that was the final straw. Playing upon his secret alliance with Pyramid, McManus informed him that they intended to send Jitterjack to help with the problem.

At first the strategy appeared to be a huge success, with Jitterjack decimated whole squads from the rival gangs. With the gang war in full swing, each side seemed to blame the other and stepped up attacks on one another. But by the end of January with fighting mere blocks from his base at the Down Under Club Platypus realized there was somebody else behind the scenes controlling everything. As he was planning to make his escape, McManus finally revealed himself as the true power behind the gang war and the one with the actual backing of Pyramid. McManus murdered Platypus and by the morning was the controlling power of the Astro City underworld.


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