Karl Furst

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Karl Furst
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Status: Active
Real Name: Karl Furst
Earliest Appearance: 2009
Affiliation: First Family
Base of Operations: First Family Headquarters on Mount Kirby in Astro City

Personal Data

Relationships: Nick Furst (father), Darcy Conroy-Furst (mother), Sasha Furst (sister), Augustus Furst (adopted grandfather), Kaspian (biological paternal grandfather)
Date of Birth: early 2000s


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Astra Special #1

Astro City #23, 29, 30

Event Timeline


Karl Furst

The son of Nick Furst and Darcy Conroy-Furst. He and his sister Sasha make up the newest additions to the heroic First Family.


Karl's body is malleable far beyond the limits of a regular human's. He can stretch and elongate his limbs, shape his body into a bouncing spheroid, and the like.

Both he and his sister's powers seem derived from their Aunt's abilities of phasing her body using the alien energy rather than their father's ability of projecting energy. This would also be similar to Astra's powers being more similar to Nicks.