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Earliest Appearance: 1950s
Affiliation: Eastern European Beast-Men

Personal Data

Relatives: Nick and Natalie Furst are his biological children
Occupation: Prince
Hair: fiery red


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #2, 3

Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #1

Event Timeline

1961     Caption


Kaspian is the main leader and Prince of the Eastern European Beast-Men. He is also the biological father of Nick and Natalie Furst, second generation members of the First Family.


He is perhaps most famous for wooing Augustus Furst's third wife, Nadia, whom he later married. She mysteriously vanished in 1961, shortly after giving birth to their twins. Kaspian was the prime suspect in her disappearance and he was immediately incarcerated.

The young infants were placed in the care of Dr. Furst and this has led to a long history of angered battles between himself and the Fursts, especially Augustus. This animosity has been tempered in the better interests he wishes for his two children and granddaughter, Astra Furst. Their staying at Mount Kirby and Astro City provides a stable and surprisingly more secure living environment compared to the gypsy lifestyle of himself and the Beast-Men. Kaspian keenly acknowledges, yet struggles to control his conflicted feelings towards this frustrating reality.


Superhuman strength as well as a prolonged life.