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Status: Active
Earliest (in world) Appearance: 1980s

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City 14

Event Timeline


Kontrollers are practically obsolete. There are only twenty known to be in existence today, and that number may have dropped recently.


First created in the 1980s, this robot army once numbered in the hundreds, perhaps thousands at the time. A small band of them reappeared in Minneapolis in the summer of 2014. The young group of super-heroes calling themselves the Reflex 6 engaged the Kontrollers in combat. A member of their team, Jimmy Shade suffered unique damages. Even with the powers of Astra Furst on their team, they only managed to drive them off but not capture or subdue any of them.

The citizens of Minneapolis were grateful all the same.


They abduct people and place them under some form of mind control. Why is not clear, how is even more uncertain.

Speculations, Theories

  • Jimmy's injuries were touch and go for awhile, but assumptions are high that he made a full recovery. Rumor has it that rescue helicopters flew him to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; where specialists were on hand to insure his unique physiology wasn't permanently damaged.
  • It is assumed that all known Kontrollers are once again under the guidance, direction and care of Ms. Ellie. Even those (if any) damaged during this encounter with Reflex 6.
  • Based on images shown, the encounter in Minneapolis happened in the uptown shopping district near Hennepin Avenue, Lake Street, and Bde Maka Ska.