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Status: Active as of 2013
Real Name: Kroseth IV of Antares
Earliest Appearance: 1959
Base of Operations: extraterrestrial Antares

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Astro City: Local Heroes 2002 News Article

Event Timeline

1959     Caption

2002/12/17     Headline



"Kroseth hadn't been destroyed after our last clash with him, as it had appeared. He'd infused his essence with the Repli-Matrix crystal, and the next time we used it — pow!, there he was. A two-bedroom house."

--- MPH (speaking on behalf of Honor Guard).

An alien conqueror from the star system Antares.


Either Kroseth IV or an earlier incarnation, battled Honor Guard in 1959.

In December of 2002, after spending almost a year disguised as a ranch home owned by Rosemary Lucey, residing in the somewhat ritzy neighborhood of Goldwater Heights, Kroseth was discovered and captured by Honor Guard. Early that year, Honor Guard had used the same Repli-Matrix material to rebuild the small house shortly after it had been destroyed in a fight involving Samaritan and the Glowworm.

Circa 2013, using the moniker of Kroseth the Invader, he once again fought Honor Guard. This time in Montana.


Kroseth has the ability to mentally control other beings.

Speculations, Theories

  • It's not known for sure if the Kroseth that was active in 2002 and 2013 is indeed the same would-be-conqueror that Honor Guard encountered during one of their earliest adventures in 1959. It's possible that all three are totally different entities.