Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 No.9

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Story Title: "My Father's Son"

Cover Date: May 1997

Cover Price: $2.50

Credits: Kurt Busiek (Writer), Brent Anderson (Pencils), Alex Ross (Cover), Will Blyberg (Inker), Comicraft's John Roshell (Lettering and Design), Alex Sinclair (Colors), Ann Huntington Busiek (Managing Editor), Jonathan Peterson (Editor)

Publisher: Homage Comics(Image Comics Imprint)

Appearances: The Colonial*, The Enelsians, Bullroarer*, The Silversmith*, The Birds of Paradise*, Glittertinden Trolls*, Mountain Gnomes*, Honor Guard (Beautie, Cleopatra (Sarah Brandeis), M.P.H., The N-Forcer, Quarrel (Jessica Darlene Taggart), Samaritan), Winged Victory, The Gentleman, The Hanged Man, Altar Boy, The Crossbreed (Daniel, David, Joshua, Mary, Noah, Peter), The Confessor (Jeremiah Parrish), The First Family (Astra Furst, Augustus Furst, Julius Furst, Nick Furst), Mayor Stevenson, Tamra Dixon, Shadow Hill Killer*, The Confessor (Brian Kinney)*
* denotes first appearance

Mentions: Kookaburra, Barrier, Skyscraper, The Real Thing, The Untouchable, Iron Cross, Anansi, Crackerjack, The Irregulars, Nightingale, Sunbird, The Galactic Council, Starwoman, The Frigians, The Thermians

Narrative Voice: Altar Boy

Date of Story: August 4-6, 1997 (Taking place immediately after #8) and the next two or three weeks after; The ending features a flash forward to November or December of 2001.

Aliens Defeated!

Reprinted: Confession

Events: This issue's Events & Annotations list.