Madame Majestrix's Invasion

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Historical Highlights


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Madame Majestrix's Invasion


Madame Majestrix's infamous invasion occurred in the Spring of 1973. This was also the day scheduled for the Silver Agent's execution. Majestrix was angry at North America for turning her son, Rex Zorus, against her, after he allied with the First Family against the citizens of Monstro City.

She preceded The attack with the placement of hundreds of pylons dispersed over various parts of North America. The pylons were inertial bolts anchored in the tectonic plates of the continent. They initiated volcanic eruptions and earthquakes meant to rip the entire continent into outer space.

Majestrix appeared out of nowhere with Monster Troops in the afternoon in Astro City, announcing her plans and intents. Naturally, this was met with resistance by the city's protectors. It was a fierce battle, with no clear victor emerging. The battle was interrupted when a time-traveling, giant-sized, Silver Agent suddenly appeared to broker talks between Majestrix, her son Rex, and the First Family.

Rex stated it wasn't his intentions to disrespect his mother, it was his personal choce choice to stay with the Furst Family. Eventually, Majestrix shut down her inertial bolts, allowing Rex to choose his own path in life. Rex has spent most of his time with the First Family ever since.

While everyone cheered the Agent's actions to end the conflict and save Astro City, somehow, mysteriously, at the exact same time, he was also being executed as a criminal.

A list of identifiable heroes taking part in the battle