The Majordomo

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The Majordomo
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Status: Imprisoned, presumably
Real Name: Robert Ian Dombrowski
Base of Operations: A flying headquarters

Personal Data

Occupation: Not exactly a majordomo


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #4, 5 (newspaper story)

Event Timeline


Picture a would-be world conqueror, one whose stunted reach far exceeds his grandiose grasp. Only replace "would-be" with "wannabe." There's the Majordomo.


The Majordomo's first (and only) supervillain scheme is as follows: Intending to create his own team of super-powered soldiers, the Majordomo tried recruiting various Sideliners. When they (surprise, surprise) wished to remain on the sidelines, he kidnapped them (in unoriginal and rather cliched manners) so that he could subjugate them into his service.

However, they turned the tables on him. (What's the opposite of "surprise, surprise"?) The Sideliners freed themselves, blew through his flying headquarters, and delivered to him an utterly and thoroughly humiliating defeat. ("On the Sidelines")


Surprisingly, his resources are technologically, quite advanced. He has anti-gravity tech, he used power-inhibiting collars to restrain the captive Sideliners, and he even wears a suit of high-tech armor whose movement is powered by micro-servos.

He even owns an entire flying headquarters staffed by underlings. Well, owned one. It was destroyed by the Sideliners.