Marta Dobrescu

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Marta Dobrescu
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Personal Data

Occupation: Legal Consultant
Civil Status: in a long-term relationship with Tom Aaronson
Hair: Black with a broad silver band framing her face


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #4

Event Timeline


Marta Dobrescu

Marta is a lawyer, in charge of a law firm located in Shadow Hill.


Twenty years ago, Marta's typical work day started as a commute from the mysterious Shadow Hill district to the bustling city center of Astro City. She worked as a clerk for the law firm of Grant, Miller, Conroy, McConnell and Ingersoll, which was located on a high floor atop the landmark Binderbeck Plaza. One particular day was set on edge when the Hanged Man "blessed" Marta with a brief but very direct glance in her direction. It was a hint that her day was going to be anything but typical.

Sure enough, that afternoon, the law offices were attacked by the Unholy Alliance. They were seeking revenge on the First Family by an attempt to kidnap Darcy Conroy, fiance of Nick Furst. During the fracas, Marta was captured and assaulted by Slamburger, only to be saved by Nick Furst.

The event rattled her sensibilities along with her sense of safety and security. She realized that the dangers of Shadow Hill were familiar dangers to her, while the risks beyond her home turf were unfamiliar ones that she had no defenses against. She quit to open her own business, Dobrescu Legal Services. Her clients are unusual, even for Shadow Hill. Even the The Hanged Man himself has employed her services. Another is reaching out through her assistant, one Raitha McCann...


  • She seems to be well-instructed in a variety of minor protection magics which are of considerable value to her clients residing mainly in Shadow Hill. She also has some experience in calling ghosts, which she primarily uses to settle disputed wills.
  • She knows how to make mititei, grilled ground meat rolls, made from a mixture of beef, lamb and pork with spices. This suggests Romanian ancestry.

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