Matt Zimmer

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Matt Zimmer
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Earliest Appearance: 2005

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1986-87


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Astra Special #1, 2

Event Timeline


Matt Zimmer

"And is this your young man of the moment? He cowers well."
-- Bertos Grimlar Seneschal‎


While at Tarleton College, Matt Zimmer happened to run into one of the school's most famous students, Astra Furst, without even recognizing her special identity. Supposedly. Astra, intrigued with meeting someone who accepted her at face value, rather than fame or celebrity, took a liking to Matt.

Over the ensuing months, they became close friends and more. But on their graduation night, Matt started to bring up questions of where their relationship was headed. His nervousness while cloaked, suggested something more than just insecurity. While at a night club celebrating with a group dance, there was yet another disturbance caused by an aggressive gossip news show, the Inside Scoop.


On their journey home, Matt witnessed visits from old friends and family of Astra. First up was a delegation from Monstro City presenting her with a key of sorts, officially designating her place in succession order for ruling Monstro City. This was immediately followed with a young group of heroes, led by Skysweeper, congratulating Astra on her graduation and offering her a position with a new super-hero team they were organizing. These visits increased Matt's insecurity, once again enforcing how different and out of place he was in Astra's world. It reemphasized his mundane, normal, and rather bland background.

Eventually the couple made their way back to First Family's Headquarters and a meeting of sorts with Astra's family. While Matt was always a bit uneasy there, tonight he seemed more nervous than usual. To help ease the growing tension Astra revealed that she was taking them both to a special place that very night. An area called the Gordian Knot.

Astra showed Matt various locations in the Knot, and more new people, including another former boyfriend Prince Gavrad. As the night progressed, Astra realized that Matt's nervousness was more than just the strange locale giving him the spooks. It was also his inner guilt. She knew all along that Matt had been feeding gossip to the Inside Scoop personnel for the past several weeks. She'd had enough and couldn't continue her charade.

Prince Gavrad

Once exposed, Matt explained that he never seemed privy to Astra's plans for the future and if he was going to be a part of them. His insecurity and weak character lured him to accepting a big money offer from the Scoop. All he had to do was supply them with sordid details about Astra, her family, and their private, personal relationship. Anything to feed their prying gossip shows and other media outlets. They even offered a huge bonus if he could produce revealing video of then in a sexually compromising situation. Matt attempted to save face by cheering up Astra but the damage had been done.

Following their break up and his immediate return to earth, he further damaged his now low standings with the Furst Family, by feeding the Scoop falsified, exaggerated, scandalous stories of Astra's activities within the Gordian Knot. It provided lots of sensationalist grist for the slimy producers and hosts at the Inside Scoop.


Generally speaking, despite all his cleverness, Matt is an idiotic fool and an absolute sleaze.