Matt and Astra teleport to First Family HQ

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Event Summary[edit]

  * Flittercams owned by "The Inside Scoop" destroyed by FF defense mechanism when they activate upon Astra and Matt's arrival.
  • Astra is smothered in hugs and kisses by her cousins
Date Event Type Issue Page:Panel Page Source Priority
2009/05 current Astro City: Astra Special No.1 18:2 comixology normal
Astro City: Astra Special No.1/Events
Event Element Element Type Element SubType
Astra Furst Character
Matt Zimmer Character Civilians
Madame Majestrix' Power Sceptre
Natalie Furst Character
Nick Furst Character
Rex Character Hero
Sasha Furst Character
Karl Furst Character
Augustus Furst Character
Julius Furst Character
Darcy Conroy-Furst Character
The First Family Character Teams
First Family's Headquarters Device Landmarks

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