Mister Cakewalk

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Mister Cakewalk
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Earliest Appearance: circa 1900
Base of Operations: Romeyn Falls

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #5, 37

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Mister Cakewalk

Nominally a criminal, Mister Cakewalk was relatively harmless as far as villains go. He was a perpetual thorn in the side of Romeyn Falls' wealthiest citizens in the 1900s.


When the spirit of the cakewalk grew in the memories of the residents of what would later be called Bakerville, emerging again in the form of ragtime, a certain magic--the magic of Silverstring--sparked from the residents' hope and spirit, and it grew form.

That form was Mister Cakewalk, who initially appeared in public while robbing a ragtime show at the Gaiety, the money from which he gave to individuals like Hubie Freeman, whose saloon had been set afire by the Knights of the Western Lily.

Mister Cakewalk normally acted charismatically, embodying the resistant and mocking spirit of the cakewalk in his efforts to steal from the rich and powerful and help those in need. While the authorities sought him out, he remained elusive.

Among Mister Cakewalk's acts included kidnapping mine owners McCluskey and Ardmore and putting them to work, without identification, in their own mines; protecting Central-Western Railroad workers on strike from E.P. Danner; diverting the 1908 Easter Parade through the town's worst neighborhoods; and numerous run-ins with Dame Progress.

Most notably, Mister Cakewalk once stole the fabled gem the Star of Lahkimpur, part of a larger body of loot he plundered from a society gala.

Because the superheroine Dame Progress needed the gem in a strategem against Dr. Aegyptus, she gave chase, pursuing him across rooftops and streets. It was all part of Mister Cakewalk's plan, however, as he used the chase to lead her to what he wanted to show her -- the true extent of Aegyptus's scheme. The villain was kidnapping black men and women to sell in the past, then using the money to purchase items of magical power. Once Dame Progress saw this, Mister Cakewalk casually and coolly dropped the gem into Dame Progress' lap. The purpose for stealing them was now complete.

However, not long after the beginning of World War I, Mister Cakewalk and the symbols for which he stood fell out of favor, and he faded from the public eye and its memory. Ragtime would be replaced with jazz, and in Mister Cakewalk's place emerged a new magic in the form of Jazzbaby.


Mister Cakewalk's physical prowess would indicate he is no ordinary human, and it is implied that his abilities--if not his entire existence--stem from the magic of Silverstring's guitar. The way his silhouette dances across the Romeyn Falls rooftops, swinging this way, leaping that, is beyond natural ability. Furthermore, he is sturdy enough to withstand one of Dame Progress's pneumo-tranquilizing shells, though not without pain.


He carries a cane. It's just an ordinary cane, but that doesn't mean it isn't an immensely useful tool in his high altitude acrobatics.

Speculations, Theories

Between his coloration and his four-fingered hands, it's not hard to surmise a connection with the Bouncing Beatnik and the Halcyon Hippie. Notably, each of the three embodies a sub-culture of his era.