Mister Smartie

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Status: Functioning Within Normal Parameters, or so we assume
Real Name: Mister Smartie
Origin: invention of Augustus Furst, details not revealed
Affiliation: Astra First's A.I. Teacher
Base of Operations: Computer Network of Furst Family (assumed)
Range of Operations: same

Personal Data

Height: variable, depending on image projection sizes, and informational needs of the moment.
Weight: none
Eyes: squinting
Hair: bald


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #2

Event Timeline


Mister Smartie


A computer generated holographic image. Very naturalized Computer synthesized speech. Able to move about the projected plane of a holographic image. The projected image is assumed to be line-of-sight with close range of the sit-down/within computer workstation. Advanced artificial intelligence software algorithms, vastly superior to state-of-the-art techniques within the computer industry.


  • Mister Smartie has no legs and his body resembles a vitamin pill.
  • During Astra's youth, Mister Smartie was use as the main teaching device for home schooling. This was a timeframe when the internet was in it's early years of development (mid 1990s), and Mister Smartie had communication access to a mix of computer-networks that included the Fox-Broome University's computer systems.

Speculations, Theories

Mister Smartie has not been seen since Astra's childhood. Even at that time, she felt she was a bit mature for the personality of Mister Smartie as the implanted computer tutor/companion. It is unknown if he has been activated since, or if he has lost the ability to respond to an activation request due to his operating system platform(s) aging. Given Augustus Furst's schedule (and age), he may have lost interest in maintaining the systems that keep Mister Smartie functioning.