Ms. Ellie's Robot Assemblage

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Ms. Ellie's Robot Assemblage
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Status: Active
Earliest Appearance: mid 1980s, perhaps even earlier
Origin: Astro City #14
Affiliation: they are the affiliation (see History)

Personal Data

Relationships: their internal software and hardware have A.I. algorithms, advanced computer heuristics and other mnemonic devices that link them holistically to a robotic brotherhood(of sorts).


Headlines: <in world date and Headline>
Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #14, 15

Event Timeline


Ms. Ellie's Robot Assemblage


Several of the robots like Davey, Arthur, we know personally, but their is a much larger and extensive band of robots that Ms. Ellie has built (directly and indirectly). Some of them we have seen on panel, some are hinted at in the context of the story. But there are many more. Her influence in robotic design is so deeply and yet subtlety entrenched in computer manufacturing,
we may never know just how much of today's advanced technical gear and gadgets are impacted.

Early Development Period

<mention college work, Vivi Viktor, design seepage into commercial development.

The Robot Museum


Speculations, Theories

This robotic brotherhood seems to span the entire globe and probably reaches out to space related activities, including the newly awakened and aware Rover.

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