The Olympians

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The Olympians
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Earliest Appearance: 1982
Base of Operations: An Alternate Earth

Personal Data

Members: Captain Lightning, Sunstar, The Weaponeer; three others not named


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #2

Event Timeline


The Olympians

A group of superheros from an alternate Earth who've clashed with Honor Guard multiple times


In 1982, the group fought with Honor Guard several times in a big cosmic war involving ancient gods.


There are three or four members that didn't get named.

One is a male super-speedster dressed in blue. Another looks to be a being of liquid or ice, floating on a platform or board who can project blasts of the liquid or possibly energy. Another appears to be an acrobatic type or someone who can cling to walls.

It also appears there could be a team member who can project major blasts as Stormhawk is being knocked backwards from something in the upper left corner of the panel, while Sunstar would likely be engaged with Mermaid who is off panel.