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Event Summary[edit]

  * The fight is only referenced in a letter by Danielle written after the battle.
  • Exact members participating is not known, but based on signatures on Danielle's cast, the below mentioned members (and others) are assumed to have participated.
  • Others besides those listed may have been involved. We can only see one side of Danielle's cast with the signatures.
Date Event Type Issue Page:Panel Page Source Priority
2004/10 current Astro City: A Visitor's Guide 9:3 comixology normal
Astro City: A Visitor's Guide/Events
Event Element Element Type Element SubType
Danielle Character
Omnius Rex Character
Samaritan Character Hero
Quarrel (Jessica Darlene Taggart) Character
M.P.H. Character
Beautie Character
Astra Furst Character
Augustus Furst Character
Crackerjack Character
N-Forcer Character
Honor Guard Character Hero
Cleopatra (Sarah Brandeis) Character

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