On Mulberry Street: A Prelude

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"On Mulberry Street: A Prelude" was first published in Astro City: The Flip Book.


Charles and Royal Williams are two children from the Bakerville district of Astro City. On October 14, 1959, they witness the recently formed Honor Guard in their first battle with PYRAMID agents after their attempt to kidnap the Mercury 7 astronauts. When the boys leave the scene, they are approached by the Black Badge. The Black Badge witnessed Charles stealing an apple from a local grocer and gives the boys a lecture on what it means to be a good member of the community. He then asks the boys to fetch the police in order to make sure two unconscious agents of Pyramid are apprehended, before setting out to capture additional members of Pyramid that had scattered after the battle.

While at home after telling their parents about the days events, Charles and Royal's father mentions that things are beginning to change, and although he says these words often, given the events experienced by the boys, they begin to believe him. Though not always for the better, as agents of Pyramid are seen rappelling from a rotor-craft onto the roof above the Williams' apartment...


  • The date of October 14, 1959 for this story is found in Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #1, when Royal is looking up information in Pyramid's computer banks.
  • The events of this issue likely take place after the events of Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #2 based on the number of exploits Charles mentions Honor Guard having accomplished. Elliot Mills mentions in that issue people weren't sure if Honor Guard was going to stay together.
  • Kroseth the Invader was first mentioned in the 2002 News Article as Kroseth IV of Antares after having battled with Honor Guard. As of 2013 the group still has to deal with him. Presuming it has been the same entity over all these years...
  • This is the first appearance of the Black Badge. He was introduced in his retired civilian identity of K.O. Carson in Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #4.
  • This was a flip book that also featured Arrowsmith #0, a story previously only available online to another Kurt Busiek created comic series. There were also maps, sketches and an interview with Kurt.