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Roustabout blue.jpg

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Real Name (presumed):
Calvin Arnold Rory
Debuted: circa March 1999
Base of Operations:
Mobile (American West)
Age: 29 (presumed)
Height (estimated): 6'1"
Weight (estimated): 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Special Status: There are at least six outstanding criminal warrants on Roustabout. A $250,000 reward has been offered by TransGene International. If you have information, click here for police info line, or here for Transgene AlertLink.

Powers (estimated)

Strength (superhuman class 4),
Speed (superhuman class 2),
Durability (superhuman class 7),
Reflexes (superhuman/level unknown),
Flight (speed class 5, lifting class at least 4),
Regeneration (superhuman class 2).

Infodump: SpecuLert - note: much of what follows is speculation. HeroCopia makes no claims on its accuracy. It is strongly presumed that prison escapee Calvin Rory is Roustabout, but this is unconfirmed. What follows is based on that presumption.

Calvin Arnold Rory, 24, was a surveyor working for the Arizona Highway Commission, when he disappeared in late 1998. Two months later, he appeared at a Santa Fe police station, flying under his own power, carrying Kingman Barstow and Delbert Styles, two vice presidents of the genetic research firm TransGene International (see more here).

According to Rory's claims, TransGene kidnapped him, along with numerous other drifters or rural workers (see list here), and subjected them to genetic-alteration experiments. All the other test subjects are said to have died or vanished, but Rory survived the experiment, gaining super-powers. The extent of these powers, due to unknown causative factors, was more than experimental parameters had predicted, and he was able to overpower his captors and escape.

TransGene denied all charges, and claimed Rory was delusional, and guilty of trespass, kidnapping, malicious destruction, slander and libel. Rory charged that an investigation would prove everything he had said. TransGene cooperated with police investigations, however, and no foundation was found for Rory's claims, though unusual chemical fires had recently damaged much of TransGene's New Mexico research facility, making evidence collection difficult. TransGene claimed that Rory had triggered the fires during his irrational attack on their company; Rory charged that they had set the fires to destroy evidence.