Royal Williams

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Royal Williams
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Status: Retired
Real Name: Royal James Williams
Earliest Appearance: 1959

Personal Data

Relationships: Charles Williams (Brother)
Date of Birth: June 5, 1950
Hometown: Astro City, Bakerville Neighborhood


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Flip Book

Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #1, 2, 3, 4
Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #1, 2, 3, 4
Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #1, 2, 3, 4
Astro City: The Dark Age Book Four #1, 2, 3, 4

Event Timeline


Royal Williams


After their parents were killed during a conflict between the heroic Silver Agent and a PYRAMID Assault Squad, Charles and Royal Williams grew up following very different paths. But they stayed close, until their early adult years, when turmoil in the city drove a rift between them, shattering their long but shaky sibling relationship.

On that fateful day of October 14, 1959, Charles and Royal's life changed completely. The first big clash between Pyramid and Honor Guard ended up in Bakerville and created a stir, leaving Pyramid troops everywhere. While Charles was the troublemaker and leader, Royal was the good one and smart one. After the Black Badge met up with them encouraging them to help report the knocked out Pyramid troops and to try to make sure the boys were going down the right path in life, the boys became more inspired and hopeful. But that evening was when another Pyramid retrieval unit was coming around to get lost technology and battling on the rooftops with the Silver Agent. The leader of the group came into the Williams house and killed their parents and went on looking for an escape. As the brothers were hiding and scared, the Silver Agent came by, apparently unaware of the two, just going on his way tracking down the killer. The brothers never got over the events of that day and night.

By late 1972, Royal became disillusioned from the youth he was when the tragic incident with his parents happened. Royal, had been the more intelligent one between him and his brother, as well as the one with a stronger moral compass. He turned to a life of petty crime, using his abilities to scrape by on the ills of others. And even into adulthood resented the fact that his brother was always trying to control him and look over him. Royal, was easily able to figure out Darnice, Charles' fiancee in 1972 as a "gold digger" only interested in his money, while Charles couldn't or didn't want to accept the fact. This led to even more tension in their rocky relationship. Royal eventually got noticed by the Scarpelli's and he landed in their operation, which eventually made him a target of the Blue Knight and after being wore down being chased by the Knight, he had to go Charles for help, where they discovered the holographic target on Royal's neck that wouldn't come off.

Eventually, Royal had to take to the sewers with Charles bringing him supplies. And during the day of Madame Majestrix's Invasion, the Blue Knight had tracked Royal down and was ready to kill him, but Charles stepped in, telling the Knight(secretly his partner Josh Stone), "He'd had to kill a cop to do so, if that means anything to you." To which the Blue Knight did stand down. It led to a continued estrangement over the next three to four years.

By 1976, Royal had worked his way into Joey Platypus's Mob right in the middle of a large gang turf war. And the deeper Royal got in, the more responsibility he had to take, making him feel more and more miserable. But after the gang war started escalating, Platypus brought in Pyramid help from Chicago. Agent Aubrey Jason brought Jitterjack to Astro City and Royal thought he was familiar, until he saw his scar up close and noticed he was the one responsible for the murder of their parents.

Just the pressure and stress of having more responsibility stated taking its toll on Royal, with him drowning himself in alcohol. He tried to get a transfer to another location away from Astro City and its gang war, but to no avail. During the final moments he was starting to make an exit for him and Joe Platypus, when he discovered his brother near death, after having been shot by his corrupt partners. With blocked communications, the only way he could get police and medical help, was to start firing high tech weaponry from Joey Platypus' stash, where Charles had been shot. Royal did get arrested, but not before knowing that Charles would be alright and letting him know, that he knew who Aubrey Jason was.

He did four years on Biro Island and when he came out Charles gave him the idea to get planted in Pyramid in order to help track down Jason. Royal, naturally was sort of apprehensive about it, but agreed to it anyway. He was found out to be ratting some kind of information out, but Charles now working with E.A.G.L.E. helped to whisk him away.

Royal went back to Astro City, to try and get away from it all, but found the same pressures around him wanting him to rejoin the organized crime scene in town and from his brother who was hell-bent on getting revenge at this point.

Within a week or two, both brothers had made their way into the Pyramid base in Astro City. Royal using his credentials as an agent, managed to find out that Aubrey Jason was back in Astro City to become a member of the inner leadership of Pyramid. The brothers were going to use the opportunity to gain their revenge once and for all.

Charles was torn and wanted to report to his superiors at E.A.G.L.E. about the capture of the Apollo Eleven, but Royal refocused his brother on their true objective. During the various battles during the Rise of Kerresh the Devastator the brothers made their way to Jason's lair and were attempting to enact the revenge for their parent's killing. Jason even recognized Royal, from his days with the Deacon.

But a stray blast from the battles, turned the tables on the brothers, knocking them out and giving Jason a chance to get rid of two potential threats. But again a stray blast, separated them from one another, saving the brothers.

Charles and Royal did get medical attention, with Jason hiding in the shadows. Later after recuperating, Charles had convinced E.A.G.L.E., than Royal was still undercover and let them be free to chase down Jason once again.

Over the next two years, the brothers tracked Jason and hounded him out of Marrakesh, Haiti, Oslo, Upstate New York and Burma, where Royal encountered the Green Man, who warned Royal of the darkness surrounding him and his quest.

The brothers were operating out of one of the Underlord's former bases and in a twist of irony, were both in costumes and using whatever technology at their disposal. They were able to track Jason after he left Burma to San Diego and eventually to Las Vegas.

The brothers were making their way towards Dr. Norton Ganss' hideout, as well as Mirage, Hellhound and the Silver Agent battling Ganss' Dynamoids. Just as the brothers arrive, Ganss has transformed Jason, into a powerful being. He had the ability to read the Williams brothers minds and manipulate energy. After he started threatening them, the other heroes arrived with a bang causing a distraction. This allowed Charles and Royal to blast Dr. Ganss' machine, with the power transfer not complete and sent what was left of Jason into wreckage and in pain. Though once they did find him, in his weakened state, a blast of energy rejuvenated his new body, though unstable, let Jason get away from the brothers, heroes and other authorities, while Las Vegas was left with a large chunk of damage.

Charles and Royal also came face to face with the Silver Agent again, who was trying to stop the Final Crisis Point. The brothers were too busy in their pursuit of Jason to really deal with the Agent and managed to get away from the heroes and E.A.G.L.E.

The brothers returned to Astro City waiting for Jason to pop up. Royal, ran into K.O. Carson who remembered him as a young kid back in the late 1950s. Carson could tell something was greatly troubling him and told him he needed to let go what was eating at him. And Royal started noticing the darker reflections of himself and could see the foreboding. Charles, using his former E.A.G.L.E. connections managed to intercept data that showed Jason breaking into a Tuscon facility and stealing a piece of the Sekhmet Stone and expanding his power.

The brothers returned to Astro City waiting for Jason to pop up. Charles, using his former E.A.G.L.E. connections managed to intercept data that showed Jason breaking into a Tuscon facility and stealing a piece of the Sekhmet Stone and expanding his power.

A couple of days later, Jason was back in Astro City and the brothers had tracked him down again. After confronting Jason, in which he had now became Lord Sovereign, he dispatched his mind-controlled Liegemen to stand in the way.

During the fight, The Silver Agent appeared and explained that Sovereign and the Pale Horseman who had just started his reign were tapping into the rift in reality caused by the Point Man two years before and he was trying to shut it down. He deputized the two brothers to distract Lord Sovereign so he could power down his machines. Charles reacted more angrily but both brothers ended up helping.

By this time though, the Pale Horseman had noticed Lord Sovereign dipping into his power source. Sovereign seemed to have the upper hand, knocking the Horseman across the river and almost had Royal drained as well, before Charles shot him in the back. And in the course of this the Agent had managed to shut down all of the machines and Sovereign started to escape. The brothers were about to make chase, when the Agent fell off a collapsing floor and was hanging on for his life.

Royal's natural instincts kicked in with realizing what all of the dark reflections he'd been seeing meant and gave him a hold even with thinking back to the Agent passing them by as young kids. Charles wanted him to forget about the Agent and keep on. But Royal wouldn't do so, not wanting to be part of the dark reflections he was seeing and feeling. As they both started falling, Charles naturally went to help his brother and saved both. In that time, Lord Sovereign and the Pale Horseman blinked out of existence.

The Agent thanked the two brothers for their help as he reassured the Astro City populace the worst was behind them. And the hatred the brothers had for the Agent seemed to finally evaporate, as not being worth it and the retaliation wouldn't have ended there. After that the brothers left town, first to the Gulf of Mexico for a few years then later to Baja California.

In 2010, reporter, Elliot Mills, visited the brothers in Baja California for a book he was writing on the "Dark Age" of Astro City and he decided to make Charles and Royal's story the focus. It was here he revealed that Charles and Royal were just aliases for the brothers so their real names wouldn't be known.