Sally Twinings

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Sally Twinings
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Status: Active - assumed she is still writing
Affiliation: Bulldog Comics, Rampart Comics

Personal Data

Occupation: writer


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #21

Event Timeline


A comic book writer in Astro City.


Sally Twinings was an aspiring comic book writer that faced rejections from most publishers apart for some work at Rampart Comics. But after getting a novel published she got an invitation from Manny Monkton and his Bulldog Comics.

After turning in her first script and seeing how Manny had heavily edited and jazzed up her story, she kept having second thoughts about wanting to continue working for him. She despised the way he sensationalized true adventures of the real life heroes and villains they wrote about, the way he lied to Crackerjack the one hero he had a license and skimped him on royalty payments.

Sally tried to show him she could do comics his way, but after weeks and weeks of turning in scripts that he continually had rewritten, he kept giving her work. Noting that it couldn't be cost effective, she wondered what it was that kept her getting work.

After talking with Eli Gavin, Manny's right-hand man since the 1960s, she learned the story behind how Manny formed Bulldog Comics after getting ousted at Rampart Comics. Thre more she heard and saw, it harkened back to the feeling of reading comics from her childhood, she kept going back to Manny's want to recapture the excitement of those comics.

A few months later at the Astro City Comicon while watching a panel Manny was on, the supervillain Glowworm attacked. He was angry at Manny for portraying him as a racist, when he was in fact a black man before his accident, in the first story that Sally had turned in. He beat and burned Manny badly and was intending to do the same to Sally and Eli, but Samaritan had captured him first.

Laying in the hospital bad, Manny was already back in high spirits and had called Eli and Sally there with new idea; a line of cosmic books. It would be about the major heroes and villains of the cosmic nature and people who wouldn't give a "gnat's fart" about ordinary humans. Sally didn't know what emotions to think at his audacity after surviving what he just did and still wanting to continue.

Six months later, the Cosmic Action books were the top selling books and Sally was riding high. She'd even talked with the Flying Fox about starting a new book about a hero just starting out. But one morning while on her way to the Bulldog offices, the Bulldog building had completely disappeared with Manny inside. Sally felt a faint smell of ozone, which she thought may have been a "gnat's fart."

One of Manny's rivals, Bob Cottonman, was already asking about what books they had in the printers or even getting Sally to help create a Manny Monkton tribute issue, but after thinking about it, she quickly declined.