Samaritan Rescues A Young Woman Who was Treated With Appalling Disrespect and Abuse by Infidel

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Event Summary[edit]

  *This event exists as a point in time in what I am calling the Energy of Life(EOL) timeline. It is a timeline that Infidel and Samaritan can travel. These events exist outside the "normal" time of reality as we know it.
  • There is no month day year notation. These are just points in EOL reality. They have sequence notation (see below) relative to one another. They happen before and/or after other sequences in that reality.
  • Whenever and EOL event needs to be cataloged, please consult the entire EOL timeline list to determine the proper insertion point.
Date Event Type Issue Page:Panel Page Source Priority
EOL-5.0 flashback Astro City: Samaritan 17:1 comixology normal
Astro City: Samaritan/Events
Event Element Element Type Element SubType
Infidel Character
Empyrean Fire
Samaritan Character Hero
Andrea or Allison

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