Sasha Furst

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Sasha Furst
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Status: Active
Real Name: Sasha Furst
Earliest Appearance: 2009
Affiliation: First Family
Base of Operations: First Family Headquarters onMount Kirby in Astro City

Personal Data

Relationships: Nick Furst (father)

Darcy Conroy-Furst (mother)
Karl Furst (brother)
Augustus Furst (adopted grandfather)
Kaspian (biological paternal grandfather)

Date of Birth: early 2000s


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Astra Special #1

Astro City #23

Event Timeline


Sasha Furst

One of the two youngest members of the First Family, Sasha is the daughter of Nick Furst and Darcy Conroy-Furst.


Sasha has shape-shifting abilities that allow her to assume the forms of earthly beasts (e.g. a fox).

They likely originate from her descent from Kaspian, Prince of the Beast-Men. They would also seem more similar to her aunt's abilities rather than her fathers, like Astra Furst's abilities are closer to Nick's powers.