Shadow Hill Killer

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Shadow Hill Killer
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Status: Presumed destroyed
Earliest Appearance: June 1997

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #9

Event Timeline


Shadow Hill Killer

An other worldly or dimensional creature, that in during the Summer of 1997, committed a string of mutilating murders on the outskirts of Shadow Hill that created a hysteria in the city.


Staring in late May, bodies began turning up on the outskirts of Shadow Hill. As the summer boiled on hotter and hotter, more bodies began to turn up. The public at large started becoming exasperated with the lack of the super powered beings ability to find the killer. This was all exacerbated thanks the fifth columnists of the Enelsian Invasion. Though with the Confessor having been revealed as a vampire, it was he was the actual killer, but even after his death another mutilated body was found. But that same night over the city, the Hanged Man was seen in a giant form doing battle with real creature, one straight out of Lovecraft's mind and vanquishing the killer once and for all.