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Earliest Appearance: 1959
Base of Operations: An alternate dimension

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #2

Event Timeline


Shirak the Devourer is an extra-dimensional god who career goal is to invade and conquer Earth. A feat he has attempted at least twice. His features resemble those of shark. He is absolute master of the Ravagers, an army of humanoid shark-like creatures who reside in his home dimension.


His first known attack on Earth occurred in 1959. Deep within the dank subway tunnels of Astro City, a small band of obsessed worshipers performed an arcane ritual that nearly brought him fully into our dimension. As his presence strengthened, he was able to transform these worshipers into a fresh minion of Ravagers. They were defeated by the combined forces of a newly formed super-hero team called Honor Guard, along with the assistance of The Bouncing Beatnik, and The Old Soldier.


Eliot Mills saw and reported this incident for a feature story that he hoped would be printed in the Astro City Rocket newspaper. It was massively edited and condensed before publication. The general public did not hear of Shirak until five years later.