Simon Magus

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Simon Magus
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Status: Inactive as Simon Magus
Real Name: Simon Magus?
Earliest Appearance: 1972
Base of Operations: Since arriving from Europe in 1972, the Shadow Hill section of Astro City was his main center of operations

Personal Data

Hair: White


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #2, 3

Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #2, 3, 4

Event Timeline


Simon Magus

A European magician who came to Astro City in 1972 because a time of great strife was coming and that the city would be at the center of it. He had an assistant, Grimoire.

After the casting of a tremendously powerful spell, he seemingly disappeared. In actuality, was transformed into the Green Man.


In 1973 he, alongside a few other heroes, eradicated the ancient, vengeance spirits lurking within in the Blue Knight. He warned Augustus Furst about the terrible implicants of the Innocent Gun and explained the history of it being used at the wrong time by the wrong person in 1977. He also warned the general populace about The Continuum's likely judgement ruling of Earth following the mysterious appearance of the The Incarnate.


Simon Magus is incredibly adept in the magical arts. He has demonstrated levitation, telepathy, phasing, and is no doubt capable of much, much more.


He carries a special cane with him, his mystical tool of choice.


The general populace judges him as a bit of an egotistical showman, Someone who likes publicity, being center-stage, and constantly in the spotlight.