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Status: Active
Real Name: Jason Szolda
Earliest Appearance: 2009
Affiliation: Reflex 6
Base of Operations: Seattle, Washington

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Astra Special #1

Astro City #1, 14, 23, 24, 26

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"He saved the world [three] times!" -- Matt Zimmer

Jason is pretty much the main founding force for the super-hero team, the Reflex 6. He handled the concept, arranged the funding and choose the team members. He displays great leadership skills, keeping disperse members functioning well as a team, and dealing with organizational duties effectively. His skills as a super-hero are not be taken lightly either. Although we have yet to see the particulars on-panel, as it says above, "He saved the world three times."


The Era of Kid Jackdaw

Before changing his name and identity to Skysweeper, Jason was know as Kid Jackdaw. For a few months, in the 2002-2003 time-frame, he briefly dated Astra Furst while she was in High School.

Leader of the Reflex Six

The bulk of his time is currently spent managing this team of Millennial aged super-heroes. The team took shape pretty much as Jason wanted it too. Even Astra became a member, although that is only a part-time gig for her at present.

In the fall of 2014, the team was spotted in Minneapolis, working to contain a group of renegade robots know as the Kontrollers. Jimmy Shade took heavy damage in that battle.

By late-Spring of 2015, Gorgona took a leave of absence, and Jason went recruiting for a new member. Their candidates included a silver-back gorilla (no really) by the name of Sticks.

Apparently Jason is also bit focused on image and identity. His name has changed again and he now goes by the handle of "Skyraker."


He has the the ability of flight, but whether it's an innate ability or a power derived from his suit is not clear.


The high tech suit he wears features some sort of blasting mechanisms.


If he has any relationship with the Kiefer Square villain The Jackdaw, it has yet to be discussed in any storylines to date, or elsewhere by the creative staff.

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