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  • The original name conceived for the "light/sun" member of this avian team was "Sunhawk". That name appears in several promotional materials prepared before the story was complete. In the background material provided with the collected edition, Ordinary Heroes, Kurt Busiek explains how during the creative process, the name was changed to Sunshrike. Sunshrike is the only name embedded in the continuity of Astro City. Sunhawk is confine to early promotional material, and propagated to various websites covering Astro City Comics. Including this one initially.
  • According to Nightingale's first team mate, Sunshrike, there are only the two members of this avian-themed team at any one time. One representing the "bird of light" and the other the "bird of shadow". This suggests they're legacy characters, with new women taking the roles in an alternating fashion, one a mentor, the other the learning sidekick. Given the age differences, it seems to be generational. Nightingale is the younger in the 80s with Sunshrike, and she ten matures to become the elder in the 90s with Sunbird. There is also speculation a familial connection might be in play with who takes up the legacies.
  • Sunshrike also thinks it wouldn't be allowed for them to have a cat as part of the team, hinting that some external agency may be involved with selecting the pair.

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