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Event NameEventDateEventType
Young Kiyu's Path to Wizardry11??/??/??Flashback
Kiyu Adopts the Name Infidel11??/??/?? ++Flashback
Earliest Heroes and Their Legends1850sCaption
Romeyn Falls Incorporates as a Town1852Caption
Railroad Comes to Astro City1860sCaption
Cardinal Grandenetti's Arrival1869Caption
Jeremiah Parrish is tempted by a Vampire1869/??/??.2Flashback
Former Slave Hiram Baker Breaks Ground on His New Farm1870sCaption
Slaughterhouse District Burned1887Caption
Another Daring High Society Robbery1900?/??/??Headline
Dame Progress Pursues Mister Cakewalk Following the Theft of the Star of Lahkimpur1900sFlashback
'Air Ace' Battles Flying Gunman; City Is Safe1919/??/??Headline
'Air Ace' Battles The Barnstormer Gang on a Monday not a Sunday1919/??/??Comment
Jeremiah Parrish witnesses the early adventures of Air Ace in Romeyn Falls1920Flashback
The Blasphemy Boys Are Attacked By Batrachi In the Sewers of Baltimore1931Flashback
Mayor Greenwald Takes An Unexpected Journey Into Near-Space1942Current
Time-Keeper Robs First National Bank1943Current
Astro-naut Captures Ersatz Ed1943Headline
Blackout Bandits Foiled by All-American and Slugger1943News broadcast
Time-Keeper Plots Scheme to Eradicate All Superheroes1943Current
Time-Keeper Encounters Eterneon1943Current
Japan Surrenders1945/08/15Headline
Professor Borzoi's Belief Ray Inadvertantly Brings Loony Leo to Life1946Flashback
Goodbye Romeyn Falls, Hello Astro City!1947/??/??Headline
Young Carl Donewicz(Steeljack) and his mom spot Starwoman flying over the rooftops of Astro City1948Flashback
Jeremiah Parrish rejoins the human race with new purpose in his life as the Confessor1950Flashback
Rivalry Between The Furst Family and Kratorr Begins1954Dialog
Kiddie TV Star Involved in Teenybopper Drug Death1957/02/07Headline
Loony Leo Becomes a Recluse For Six Years1958Flashback
The Formation of Honor Guard1959Dialog
Pyramid attempts to kidnap the Mercury Astronauts1959Caption
Honor Guard early battles1959Caption
Black Badge battles Stone Gang1959Dialog
Trolley Delayed By Shark1959/09/??Headline
Charles Williams helps himself to some "free" fruit1959/10/14Current
Honor Guard's First Big Clash with Pyramid1959/10/14Current
The Williams brothers encounter the Black Badge1959/10/14Current
The Williams Family sit down to an evening supper1959/10/14Current
Adoption of Nick and Natalie Furst1961Caption
Incidents leading to the origin of Atomicus1961/04Flashback
Atomicus Saves Missile Scientists1961/04/07Headline
Infidel Changes the Outcome of the Cuban Missle Crisis1962/10/?? ++Flashback
Zzardo Meets a Reclusive Loony Leo1964Flashback
Honor Guard's Near Fatal Encounter With the Myth-Master1964Flashback
Bizarre Clown Saves Hostages1964/06/16Headline
The Death of Supersonic in 19661966Flashback
Bank of Astro City is Robbed by the Doppel Gang1967/04/26Flashback
Beautie Rescues Joanie Wheaton From Would Be Kidnappers1969/09/09Flashback
'Beautie' Saves Heiress1969/09/10Headline
El Hombre joins Honor Guard196?Flashback
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