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| title=
| issue=
| page=
| pages=
| panel=
| panels=
| link=


  • title: Volume title
  • issue: optional, issue number or name
  • page: optional, a page number, IF there is only one page referenced. Otherwise, use "pages".
  • pages: optional, a page range delimited by a dash (e.g., 15-20, 3-4).
  • panel: optional, a panel number, IF there is only one panel referenced. Otherwise, use "panels".
  • panels: optional, a panel range or ranges, each range separated by a comma and delimited by a dash(e.g., 1-3, 5-7)
  • link: optional, a link to the Herocopia page about the volume and issue


  • Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1