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|{{{creator}}} |{{{notes}}}

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


  • This template produces one row of information relating to a Neighborhood in Astro City. Typical place of inserting this row is the table that is on the Neighborhoods page.
  • This template does NOT generate the entire table, just one row.
  • Parameters are optional, but it is recommended that you provide something for the Neighborhood parameter, otherwise what is the point?
  • Except for the image parameter, each parameter corresponds to a column in the table. The order of those columns is static and is controlled by the companion template [template:introNeighborhood|introNeighborhood.]
  • The companion template [template: outroTable| outroTable] is used to close the Neighborhood table.


|neighborhood = 
|notes        = 
|creator      = 
|image        = 


  • You can add additional columns of information if they seem appropriate. You will have to make changes to both the introNeighborhood and rowNeighborhood templates to keep them in synch. We do suggest you open a topic in the discussion tab for the page if you have any questions.

Sample output[edit]

Neighborhood Creator Salute Notes
Shadow Hill


Settled in the 1800s by Eastern European immigrants, Shadow Hill is one of Astro City's many ethnic neighborhoods. Tinged with a darker reputation; it is home to the night creatures and other occult spirits that tend to discourage outside visitors.

Which is a bit of a shame, because Shadow Hill is heaven for any visitor who likes charming (or cluttered!) curiosity shops, spicy pirogues or fresh, flavorful itafses just out of the oven. Night falls early here, though, and Shadow Hill's mystic and mysterious reputation keeps most non-residents away after dusk. Brave souls venture up at dawn, to catch the Hanged Man(the Hill's eldritch guardian) wrapping up his nightly rounds.

Biro Island
Charles Biro An island on the Gaines River that houses the Biro Island Correctional Facility.

Typical rowNeighborhood:[edit]

|neighborhood =
|notes =
|creator =
|image =

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