The Assemblyman (Villain)

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The Assemblyman (Villain)
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Status: Unknown
Earliest Appearance: 1972
Base of Operations: Los Angeles

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #16

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The Assemblyman (Villain)

Assemblyman, a technical savant, infamously bribed by El Hombre to build a giant sized robot meant to terrorize the people of Los Angeles at a time when el Hombre's popularity was waning.


In late 1972, El Hombre broke into the Assemblyman's lab and startled the inventor, not by capturing him, but by making a business proposal. El Hombre would provide the cash for the Assemblyman to build a giant robot that would terrorize the people of Los Angeles and that could be only be defeated by El Hombre and thus gaining the respect of the people again.

However, The Assemblyman double-crossed him, building a robot that was too powerful for El Hombre to defeat. Instead, it went on a rampage in the Spring of 1973, killing civilians and destroying massive amounts of property. It was eventually defeated by Honor Guard, who then traced it back to the Assemblyman. Upon capture, he confessed his part and revealed El Hombre's involvement in the scheme to the hero's teammates.


Incredible technical skills with robotics.


A fanciful lab loaded with advanced equipment and specialize tools.

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