The Box

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The Box
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Status: Continued existence in this timeline is unknown
Origin: Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #11

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #11, 12

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The Box

The Box is a derivative son of Zachary Johnson (Jack-in-the-Box) from a possible future timeline. In that timeline, Zachary Johnson dies in the line of duty. The Box decides to follow in his father's crime-fighting footsteps, but to an obsessive level. He becomes a psychotic, extremely violent vigilante.


Finding the forces of crime in his time period to be too powerful to defeat, he decides his father is responsible for his sorry state, and travels back in time to execute him. After arriving in 1997, he attracts Zachary's attention by ruthlessly murdering a drug dealer. The Box confronts his father and attempts to kill him as revenge for not being the dutiful father his twisted brain feels he should have been. Before he can complete his rage-filled attack, he is stopped by The Jackson, yet another son of Zachary's, from yet another future timeline.

Following a banter of twisted logic, The Box convinces The Jackson to band together and resume the goal of killing Jack-in-the-Box. In the end, both are defeated. While in police custody, they vanish out of the timeline, perhaps permanently.


Much of the Box's body has been replaced by cybernetic weaponry.

  • His legs below the knees, are a stilt-like armature, similar to Jack-in-the-Box's footapults but showing no evidence of a leaping ability. He is immune to electricity, which he absorbs to strengthen himself.
  • His left arm is a robotic tentacle that culminates as a sinister clown puppet named 'Justice Jacky.' The puppet occasionally speaks, in a harsh, electronic voice. It also wields a number of torturous-like tools and weapons.