The Brothers of Trouble

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The Brothers of Trouble
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Status: Active in a possible future time schism.

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #11

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The Brothers of Trouble


From somewhere in a future time period, the Brothers of Trouble are a small cultist group that worships the iconic career of the Jack-in-the-Box. They traveled back from their future time to a date shortly after Jack-in-the-Box(Zachary Johnson)'s death and abduct his son, bringing him into their future. There they indoctrinate him in their warped interpretations of the Jack-In-the-Box legend. Once an adult, they return him to the early 21st century to play a twisted role as a Jack-in-the-Box's successor, The Jackson.

Speculations, Theories

The Brothers of Trouble are likely a future version of the Trouble Boys.