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The City

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Astro City

An American city that boasts the largest concentration of superheroes on Earth. Astro City is a well-populated urban center somewhere in the western United States, lying largely between two rivers — the Wildenberg, to the west, which flows into the larger Gaines River, to the east and south. To the north lies the bulk of Mount Kirby, while to the south, in mid-river, is the Biro Island Correctional Facility.

Until the close of World War II, the city was named Romeyn Falls, but after suffering widespread destruction, it was rebuilt and officially renamed in 1947 to honor the superhero, Astro-Naut.


As described in the History of Romeyn Falls, this geographic area has always been a center of legend and mystery. The crimefighter Air Ace, generally considered the world's first superhero, operated out of Romeyn Falls in the early 1900s. As such, many consider Astro City the birthplace and center of super-heroic activities. There are also other, mysterious aspects associated with the area in and around Mount Kirby. Nothing definitive, but speculation and rumors persist of activities that fuel the reasons for Astro City being a metropolitan magnet for super-hero activity.


  • Close to Interstate 80, probably intersecting with Interstate 25.
  • If you travel west or southwest off the Shuster Expressway you'll run right into Astro City.


  • The inside front cover of the Supersonic Special lists the major cites of Albuquerque, Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City along with Astro City, are served by a regional airline called American Skies, suggesting close proximity to this area of the country.


  • "America's City of Heroes"
  • "The Sentinel City"
  • "The City of Wonders"

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