The Crimson Cougar

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The Crimson Cougar
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Status: Inactive
Real Name: Mitch Goodman
Origin: Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #22
Base of Operations: Astro City
Range of Operations: Astro City
First Appearance: 2000

Personal Data

Occupation: Actor, stuntman


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #21, 22

Event Timeline


The Crimson Cougar

In Astro City, the streets are loaded with super-heroes. So of course when KBAC-TV was producing Tomorrow's Dawn, a locally produced soap opera about a crime family, it was only natural that they included (you guessed it) the exploits of a super-hero. In this case, his name is the Crimson Cougar(played by actor/stuntman Mitch Goodman), and the show follows his adventures both in and out of costume.


There is not much known about the continuity of the character within the television series, but there is this to tell about things in the "real" world of Astro City. Mitch Goodman started out as a rodeo cowboy. He was able to use that as his bridge into stunt work, which in turn was his path into acting. He landed the role of the Crimson Cougar, a character added to Tomorrow's Dawn for the sake of realism. It was a low budget show with average ratings.

Mitch was forced into the role of a real hero when, along with two of his co-workers, he thwarted a robbery in progress at a neighborhood AstroMart store. Thanks to the help of his telekinetic SFX partner, Martha Sullivan, and the distraction provided by Eric, his actor colleague, the Crimson Cougar dispatched the crooks and made headlines.

After a few additional adventures(quite tame by the standards of typical super-hero fare), the Crimson Cougar was paid a visit by the Unholy Alliance. They were bullies who saw Mitch as an easy target, and they basically didn't much care for common people playing hero in real life. Fortunately Honor Guard was there to defeat them and protect Mitch. He got the message loud and clear; that he wouldn't always be so lucky when dealing with villains.

The next day, in a public appearance, Mitch was defeated by a new, unproven villain called the Dark Centurion, who was secretly his friend Eric, in disguise and "powered" by Martha's telekinesis powers. Mitch's fame quickly faded, and the career of the Crimson Cougar ended in disgrace. Licking his wounds, Mitch moved to Los Angeles to restart his career, not as a superhero or a stunt-man, but as an actor. ("Great Expectations")


On TV, his gauntlet-mounted claws could be fired. But in reality, he's just some guy in a spandex and plastic costume.