The Destructoids

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The Destructoids
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Status: Active
Earliest Appearance: Minor legends link the Destructoids to pre-human civilizations, dating back at least a millennia
Base of Operations: The Americas
Range of Operations: same as base

Personal Data

Height: multi-storied
Weight: colossal


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Local Heroes #1

Event Timeline


The Destructoids

These guys are very destructive and not exactly the most intelligent of creatures. They expect(DEMAND!) worship, idolatry, and obedience. They become angry, belligerent and emotionally irrational when they don't get it, hence their destructive tendencies. Not a very compassionate lot. They make havoc of city budgets and insurance rates.


In their original form, the Destructoids were monstrous spirits who terrorized prehistoric civilization. They were banished, but they eventually managed to return in their present form. Now spiteful at a world that's forgotten them, they make aggressive postures in a bid to become figures of worship once more.

Besides their being re-animated in 2015, we know of one additional clash between them and Honor Guard in 1991("Newcomers") when they rampaged across Astro City. There have certainly been other places, other times.

According to Pete Donacek, doorman at the Astro City Classic Hotel:

"They're supposed to be some sort of ANCIENT SPIRITS -- evil beings that ravaged PRE-HUMAN CIVILIZATION cultures, a millennia ago.
"They were destroyed or BANISHED or something ...
"They weren't robots or statues, they just LOOKED like them. This is the form they take when they come back... trying to get their JOBS back or whatever."


  • The Destructoids are stone-like creatures, ranging in height from 120 to 150 feet. Some of them are larger than a ten story building.
  • Their bodies and costumes have design traits similar to Maya and Aztec relics.