The Doors

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The Doors appeared quietly, mysteriously and quite suddenly over the Gaines River in 2013. They attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. When they opened, a large humanoid form, about twenty to thirty feet in height emerged. He talked of being an ambassador or representative from the "start-spanning Kvurri." Not much other information about himself or his civilization has been forthcoming. But he has a learned a great deal about us. He has also recruited a human, Ben Pullam as an Earthling representative to learn more.

Ben has gone through the Doors, and into whatever is on the other side. He hasn't come back out.

'Into' isn't quite the right term. It seems more a portal to a place with largish, but not outrageous dimensions. Similar to a cargo ship perhaps. Big enough to carry an ample supply of artifacts and samples of earth culture back to wherever.

The Doors still hover over the river. Opening for supplies and samples. Not much else.

So far...