The Halcyon Hippie

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The Halcyon Hippie
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Status: Inactive
Earliest Appearance: 1973

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Wizard Presents: Kurt Busiek's Astro City #1/2

Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #4

Event Timeline


The Halcyon Hippie

A non-conformist hero who has come to the aid of Astro City in times of great crisis.


  • Interestingly, the threats that bring forth this entity, also brings forth the Old Soldier. Is there a common spiritual aspect linking this pair of mythic but culturally opposite heroes?
  • He makes an appearance in a parallel or alternate world as the Beatnik, but has also been seen in this universe during the Dark Age Crisis of the 1980s. Whether these appearances are the same or different entities is not known with certainty.
  • The Halcyon Hippie was one of four superheroes pooling their super-abilities to repair the timeline, indicating powers that might be cosmic in scope and origin.

Speculations, Theories

There seems to be similarities linking him to the Bouncing Beatnik. This means he's also quite possibly the Broken Man.

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