The Silver Adept

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The Silver Adept
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Status: Active
Real Name: Kimberly To
First Mentioned Astro City #1

Personal Data


Headlines: (no dates provided)

Silver Adept Active in A.C.?

Silver Adept Aids Honor Guard

Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #11

Event Timeline


The Silver Adept

One of the most powerful mystic heroes to be found in this, or any other reality.


A newspaper article among the Broken Man's odd and mysterious collection, details the heroine Silver Adept's recent move to Astro City and her assisting the Honor Guard in their battle with Mister Mystoro. Mystoro, the villainous, self-proclaimed heir to the secrets of Rasputin, is a career criminal with a history of abducting men for strange experiments.



  • Among the many odds and ends that The Broken Man has collected and associated with his future plans, is a photograph of the Silver Adept unleashing her mystical powers.
  • Silver Adept's critter entourage includes two Corgi pet dogs named Stockton and Moreton. Or are the really Corgis?

Speculations, Theories

What if any connection is there between the Silver Adept and the silvery substance
that the Silver Agent found in the caves near Romeyn Falls?

Also, given their methods and predilections, is there a link to Mister Mystoro and Dr. Aegyptus?