The Silver Brain

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The Silver Brain
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Status: Trapped in the Mento-Verse
Real Name: Sergei Vlataroff
Earliest Appearance: prior to 1973

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #2

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The Silver Brain

The Silver Brain is a being of vast telepathic power who is determined to gain psychic dominion over the entire Earth. He has fought the First Family, Honor Guard, Samaritan among others.


His real name is Sergei Vlataroff, and he was a scientist who found a way to permanently convert himself into "pure brain". In his converted state, he resembles a giant disembodied silver-colored brain.

Lacking a body, he often utilizes telepathically-controlled underlings. Typically, these thralls will build highly advanced machines under his guidance, which the Brain uses as part of his schemes. He is guarded by his Anti-Bodies, energy beings who serve as his last line of defense. On at least one occasion, he was aided by his Sledgehamsters, though whether they were mind-controlled thralls, robots, or something else is unknown.

In 2004, his former never center was in the process of getting cleared out after another defeat at the hands of the First Family, when a tourist picked up green gem that housed Omnius Rex.


In addition to his immense telepathic power and perfect memory, he is a scientific genius.


He attempts to build a neural-net which gives his psionic command of peoples brain in a certain proximity. He also needs the Dimensional Aperstomum, to help him remain in our dimension or risk being sucked back into the Mento-Verse.