The Skullcrushers (Supervillains)

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The Skullcrushers (Supervillains)
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Status: Defeated
Base of Operations: Hidden headquarters in the mountains near Quevachi, Ecuador (shut down)
Range of Operations: International

Personal Data

Occupation: Pirates


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #2, 3

Event Timeline


The Skullcrushers (Supervillains)

An organization of modern day pirates led by "Slaughter" Shaw. They use rocket-powered battlesuits and rayguns instead of boats and gunpowder.


The Skullcrusher committed a string of acts of piracy on the Carribean. One of these coincided with Honor Guard's fight with Kroseth the Intruder, but the superheroes were nevertheless able to spare Samaritan for a few minutes. He repelled the pirates' attempt on the luxury cruiser Sea Princess. ("Welcome to HumanoGlobal")

One member of the Skullcrushers, Padraig Rourke, entered into a relationship with Maria Navarro, a local woman who lived near their hidden base in Ecuador. When he turned physically abusive, Maria's daughter called Honor Guard's Emergency Contact Center. Not understanding just what Padraig was, the Center operator sent social workers instead of superheroes. Padraig murdered them, and from there it all escalated into out all-out battle between the Skullcrushers, E.A.G.L.E., and Honor Guard. After a period of siege, Honor Guard managed to invade the base. The Skullcrushers were shut down. ("Mistakes")


Battlesuits: These flying tanks are armed with guns and forcefield technology.

Speculations, Theories

The Skullcrushers was also the name of the street gang that Carl Donewicz belonged to as a youth in Kiefer Square. It's unlikely, but unknown if there is a connection between the two.