The Underlord

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The Underlord
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Status: Deceased
Earliest Appearance: 1960s
Base of Operations: Chesler neighborhood

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #35

Event Timeline


The Underlord

A crime lord who frequently battled with Jack-in-the-Box.


The Underlord became a player in the Astro City mob scene after the effects of the 1977 Gang War, with only the Deacon as a major player in the city, with whom in the early 1980s he was frequently battling.

He was long interested in human genetic manipulation and used The Weirdies, the group responsible for the first Jack-in-the-Box's death to do his work.
He seemingly died in the blast that killed Jack-in-the-Box in 1983, but upon finding his father's notes, the second Jack-in-the-Box, Zachary Johnson, discovered the Underlord's real identity and that he was still alive. Sometime in 1989, The Underlord was captured by the second Jack-in-the-Box.


He had Chain and Handgun working for him in 1982.