The Unholy Alliance

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The Unholy Alliance
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Earliest Appearance: 1995
Base of Operations: Flying headquarters (mobile)

Personal Data

Members: Current:

Demolitia (leader)
Two Unnamed New members



Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #4

Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #20, 22
Astro City: Local Heroes #1
Astro City #2

Event Timeline

1998     Current


The Unholy Alliance

The Unholy Alliance is a very active and incredibly destructive out-for-profit team of super-criminals. They are led by the weaponsmith Demolitia. Motivated by greed, revenge, and a mutual desire to cause as much damage as possible, they'll take on a wide range of jobs, ranging from high stakes robbery, assassination, to demolition of hi-target buildings and locations.

Aside from Spice, each member has highly destructive powers, well-suited to demolishing buildings and causing widespread collateral damage. During the attack on Binderbeck Plaza, Demolitia, Slamburger, and Glowworm seemed to concentrate on property damage, while Spice and Flamethrower performed “crowd control,” preventing police and firefighters from stopping the assault.


Early Missions

While the origins of the Unholy Alliance remain un-revealed, the group has known history that precedes 1993. Around November of 1995, Demolitia used parts scavenged from her prison cot and toilet to create a jackhammer and escape. Despite being pursued by the First Family, she managed to free her fellow members from other prisons, including Leavenworth.

As a team on the run, the Unholy Alliance escaped Honor Guard on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, but soon resurfaced in Astro City where they attempted to demolish Binderbeck Plaza. The villains were defeated by the First Family, who had been alerted to the attack by Nick Furst’s fiancée, lawyer Darcy Conroy, who worked in the building. Flamethrower eluded capture, but the rest of the team members were presumably re-imprisoned.

The Conquistador's Plot

By late 1998, the Unholy Alliance escaped prison again and joined with a wider cache of villains, all employed by the Conquistador to engage in a large scale theft operation. But he had a hidden agenda -- assigning half of the villains to create distractions on a nationwide level, while the other half would loot Astro City without hero intervention. The Unholy Alliance was tasked with causing chaos in Detroit, where they once again drew the attention of Honor Guard.

Encounter with the Crimson Cougar

The Unholy Alliance next surfaced in the summer of 2000, when they tried to kill the Crimson Cougar, a soap-opera actor who had unwittingly become a costumed crime-fighter. Their attack was meant to discourage other "volunteer" superheroes from joining an already crowded arena. Yet again, the Unholy Alliance was foiled by Honor Guard (with some minor help from the Crimson Cougar himself).

Mob Connections

"Long-sought fugitives Demolitia and Slamburger" scheduled a meeting with Mr. Jaseny, a representative of an East Coast organized crime group, to discuss some sort of partnership with the mob. The pair tried to strong-arm Jaseny into accepting their terms for enlistment, but Cleopatra II and Jack-in-the-Box thwarted their plots and (you guessed it) captured them in April 2003. ("Newcomers")

New Member, Same Goals

By 2013, their line-up had undergone some changes. Spice was out. Flamethrower was replaced by a female counterpart, and they gained two new members (names still not revealed). This time, the group was hired to steal an arsenal of advanced weaponry, including a deadly, genocide-capable virus of alien origin. While fleeing with the virus, their mobile base was detected by an employee of the Honor Guard Call Center, who sent her employers to intercept. The Unholy Alliance was captured yet again, but whoever hired them remains unidentified and at large. ("Welcome to HumanoGlobal")


Demolitia: A genius in demolition technology, she wears an exo-skeleton for enhanced strength and protection. Her weaponry includes a wrecking ball on one arm and a jackhammer on the other.

Flamethrower: Wields flame-throwing equipment.

Glowworm: Emanates dangerous levels of radiation and can also fire it in blasts.

Slamburger: Super strong. Looks a lot like a walking slab of meat.

Spice: Wields a whip.


The team operates out of a high-tech flying headquarters. Its cloaking technology renders it invisible, along with the shuttle bikes they use, though the presence of Glowworm's radiation reduces that to mostly invisible. This suggests they have connections to some very serious funding sources. Some no doubt the results of their own criminal activities, but other sources might include outside organizations.

Speculations, Theories

  • It is unknown when exactly the Unholy Alliance first incorporated as a team, but in their first appearance, which takes place in 1995, the recently-escaped Slamburger reveals that he has been in prison for two years.