The Worst Family

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The Worst Family
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Status: Presumed active
Earliest Appearance: 1971

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Astro City: Local Heroes #4

Event Timeline


The Worst Family

The First Family's evil counterparts from a parallel universe.



On August 6, 1971; Julius Furst was arrested on suspicion of stealing nuclear secrets from the U.S. government and selling them to a foreign power. There were eyewitnesses, even photos. It seem like an air-tight case until it was discovered that the real culprit was some sort of alternate universe lookalike to Julius and also a member of a super-powered team. This one was called the Worst Family.

Speculations, Theories

  • Their version of Astro City could be known as AtroCity. An evil overlay to this doppelganger world, since the word "atro" means dark or black.
  • According to creator Kurt Busiek, it was important to set Augustus and Julius's hometown as one of the Twin Cities, thought it didn't really matter which one. (It ended up being St. Paul) Could the Worst Family hail from Minneapolis in their reality?