Tranquility Frog

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Tranquility Frog
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Status: Active
Real Name: unknown, but with time it is easy to imagine Orn, Raitha or The Silver Adept deriving one
Earliest Appearance: Spring 2014
Origin: (of sorts) Astro City #11
Affiliation: newest spiritual associate of the Silver Adept's menagerie

Personal Data

Relationships: While very rare, it is probably safe to assume there are a few Tranquility Frogs in the known mystical realities.
Height: (fully extended) 15' to 20'

(all scrunched up in a frog-sitting-on-lillypad position) 5' - 6'

Weight: hard to judge. Glowing nature of the beast suggests a light ephemeral substance.
Eyes: golden green
Hair: finer than standard frog hair


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #11

Event Timeline


Tranquility Frog

"A Tranquility Frog. They're extraordinarily powerful, wise and perceptive beings."
-- The Silver Adept


A grateful gift given to the Silver Adept and her staff when they provided the Stone Sea Mages with a powerful device called the Key of Mang.


Some form of protective aura, or perhaps its mere presence is a major deterrent to mystical menaces. At least according to one of the Silver Adept's long-time house guardians.



  • So far, s/he has communicated with only a two word vocabulary, GOMPP! and GOMMP But it would seem that the interpretation is all in the tonality, pace, volume and other finer aspects of audio delivery. All of it on a much subtler, peaceful and refined level that human speech. The Silver Adept also hints at other communication methods when she instructs Orn on setting up living quarters for their newly acquired associate. In addition, there are runes and glyphs displayed on their body that appear to be more than just ornamentation. They do change over time, in both content and the intensity of their glowing attributes. It is also possible that they just find a way to communicate a message and somehow it is received.
  • Both the Silver Adept and creator Kurt Busiek are on record stating "They can make their needs known to you, if you approach them with peace in your heart."
  • On the Official Kurt Busiek Facebook Fan page, when a fan (Aaron Kashtan) asked Kurt Busiek for a Tranquility Frog on the grounds that he had been reading Astro City since 1996, Kurt said that there are only six Tranquility Frogs in all of reality, and that the fan would need to do more to earn one. Kurt added that the reason Tranquility Frogs are so scarce is because of the extreme amount of tranquility required to create one.