The Trouble Boys

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The Trouble Boys
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Status: Active
Earliest Appearance: mid 1990s
Base of Operations: Bakerville

Personal Data


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #11

Astro City #35

Event Timeline


The Trouble Boys

The Trouble Boys are a group of African-American boys from Bakerville who joined together to avoid joining gangs and getting into trouble.

Founded by Roscoe James (who eventually became the current incarnation of Jack-in-the-Box), they admire Jack-in-the-Box and always try to outdo his acrobatics, as he soars along the rooftops.


The Trouble Boys are not actually out to cause trouble, but to avoid or stop it. They've aided Jack-in-the-Box on more than one occasion, including when three possible future sons of Zachary Johnson, the second Jack-in-the-Box, came back in time to meet him (and kill him, in two of the cases).

Before becoming the next Jack-in-the-Box, Roscoe feared that some Trouble Boys might join The Deacon, who was sniffing around for possible recruits to his organization.

Speculations, Theories

It's not known if the Trouble Boys are still active today after Roscoe left, or if him taking over as Jack-in-the-Box actually helped keep his fellow Trouble Boys out of, well, trouble...
It's possible that a future group, the Brothers of Trouble (from the same future as The Jackson)are a continuation of the Trouble Boys who have turned Jack-in-the-Box into their religion.